Wife School

Live Your Best Wife!


Welcome to Wife School where the message to all wives is, "Be Your Husband's Mistress."

Wife School is an organization I set up to help all women live in the truth, and to save wives worldwide from what I call the, "Three H's'," i.e., heartache, heartbreak, and, most seriously of all, humiliation.

As an Infidelity and Relationship Analyst, I will teach you how to 'affair-proof,' and 'divorce-proof' your marriage, as well as cheat-proof your relationship in general. You will also learn the REAL signs to look for if you suspect you're living with a husband who is cheating on you! Wife School is a 12-step programme that will change your marriage, and your outlook, forever. 

I pride myself in the daily contribution to individuals and marital well being. We as women - by sharing common values - can increase the opportunity for all of our Sisterhood to LIVE IN THE TRUTH.

My goal is to make a difference in your life and those around you. Don't just stand on the sideline. Don't purely exist in a mediocre marriage, make it fabulous again!! After all, a happy wife equals a happy marriage. For everything else there's Wife School.